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Couples Therapy 

The dynamics of any relationship are always evolving.  Couples can sometimes fall into routines that pull them further apart.  A  relationship they once found to be exciting and loving now feels unrecognizable.  Some couples feel that they have lost themselves over time, that the communication has fallen apart and rather than listen to what the other is saying and needing, they spend more time arguing and blaming as the walls of self defense rise higher and higher.  When couples are no longer able to listen, see, or express their needs, likes, fears, and desires to each other, what once bonded them starts to distance them.  


As a mediator and psychotherapist, I work with couples to relearn how to collaboratively communicate with each other in a respectful manner that encourages validation.  Through the process of various communication styles, I help couples identify what they view as important aspects of their relationship, how to work through their conflicts, and strengthen their  relationship.

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