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Court Ordered Therapy 

Court ordered therapy often requires that the psychotherapist provide a progress report to the court regarding the requested treatment. Prior to initiating court ordered therapy, guidelines regarding the release of information shall be reviewed with the family. 


Without communication, a family can become more estranged and the crises or transitions the family members are experiencing become more difficult.  For this reason, when therapy is court ordered, it is important for the families to have a safe place where they can explore and develop more effective and positive communication patterns.

Individual Court Therapy  

The court may order individual therapy to address a specific issue that is impacting an individual's life.  Individual therapy can be ordered to address issues such as behavioral, communication styles, anxiety, anger, abandonment, fear, etc..

Family Court Therapy 

Therapy can assist parents in strengthening their family unity and manner of interaction.  Therapy can also assist families with the transition during a divorce, separation, loss, and relocation; by providing guidance in how they can communicate these life changes to their loved ones, addressing the grief and/or acceptance of these changes as it impacts each family member. I work with the family and individuals to find solutions that address these specific life challenges.

Reunification Therapy 

The purpose of  reunification therapy is to assist the children and family in rebuilding a healthy relationship. The therapy focuses on improving communication patterns, parenting styles, safety concerns, and attempts to heal the relationship between the child(ren) and parent(s)/guardian(s).

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