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Individual Therapy 

The goal of Individual therapy is to guide the individual in identifying and addressing specific issues that are challenging and impacting one's life.  These issues can result from: divorce, separation, relocation, depression, anxiety, grief, and/or dependency behaviors. 


Through the process of collaboration, the therapist creates a treatment plan/goal that address(es) the presented issue(s) and encompasses a variety of therapeutic modalities

Adult Therapy 

There are many reasons why individuals seek brief or long-term therapy. Some individuals may seek to address specific issues, while others may be dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, life stressors, or separation issues.  


Individual therapy may be indicated when a person is feeling stagnated or needs to address issues that result from childhood or a traumatic experience.

Child/Adolescent Therapy  

Many adolescents experience challenges that evoke stress. Children and adolescents may experience stress as a result of negative interactions with their peers, behavioral difficulties, educational changes, family conflicts, grief, and many others.


When children/adolescents experience grief, trauma, family/peer conflicts it is not uncommon for the child/adolescent to appear more anxious, withdrawn, angry, or display behavioral difficulties. 


When providing Child or Adolescent therapy, the therapist collaboratively works with the child/adolescent and the parents to  identify the presenting problem(s) and expectations.  Family members can be included in the treatment process as deemed appropriate while ensuring that the essential therapeutic alliance between the therapist and Child/Adolescent is maintained.  

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