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About Me

Dr. Roxanna Manfredi-Giammona is the founder and CEO of Manfredi Psychology & Mediation, Inc. For over 25 years she has worked with families and children throughout the Bay Area.  As a bi-lingual (Spanish and English) Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California she has an array of experience working in psychotherapy, as a program manager, Crisis intervention with domestic violence, child court advocate,  forensic  psychologist, presenter, supervisor for interns, and as a family court mediator.



Dr. Manfredi-Giammona has worked with the Superior Court of California, Alameda County for over 20 years as a Family Court Recommending Counselor. While in this position she supervised interns that worked and trained in Family Court, performed mediation with families, testified in court, and presented at Regional AOC/State trainings’ for therapists and professionals working within the capacity of Family Court.  


Dr. Manfredi-Giammona has presented local and statewide training in both Spanish and English for mental health professionals and families. These trainings cover the areas of domestic violence, child interviewing skills, the mediation process, cultural awareness, reunification, and educational consultation.

Professional Philosophy

I strongly believe that every individual is unique and no family is the same as another.  In my profession, I have had the pleasure to work with a diverse group of individuals (adults and children) and families in both Spanish and English.  My work assists in guiding my clients though challenges, and working toward a sustainable end goal that creates a more positive outlook on life.


I work with my clients to develop their own inner strength. I want them to gain the tools they need to go out into society and not feel hindered by the challenges they have faced. Instead I want to motivate, encourage, and ultimately assist my clients to dive into society with the knowledge that their challenges do not define who they are, rather they are aspects of their life and family dynamics.  Working towards acceptance and being open to change is not an easy process, but it is feasible.  I believe that there's a reason for everything, and that no one person is the same.  Also, every voice, especially the voice of the child(ren), is important.

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